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Works great

After 2 treatments our dogs hair started growing back. She is not scratching anymore

Keeps My Dog Gut Clean

I keep it stocked.

Smells good

Cats don’t like it, but seems to help with the bugs


Great product

Really works to moisturize pads


I like it. I wish it was a little softer. Not sure I'm really getting it on my little man's paws

Paw Butter: For Dry Paws
Leslie m. dionne
Really works protecting his little paws in the cold icy weather!

Easy to apply. He likes it and must know it helps! We live in an area with ice and snow and I liked this product so much I got some for my granddoggie. His paws were cracked and bleeding. Not any more!!!


Snout Healing Salve
megan veglia

Could not rave about this product more! Within 3 applications, mr beefy's nose was SIGNIFICANTLY improved. You can see the difference in the before and after photos. So grateful for this product!


Must have

My poor baby had crusties in top of crusties. Our vet told us to use Vaseline or neosporin. It was a constant struggle. I finally read about this stuff and it is amazing. I included a before picture, a after just one day of using and a three days after using. The crusties are slowly falling off and her nose is getting moist again!!! She has to feel better!!!


A New Nose!!

I never write reviews, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass to let everyone know...this stuff is THE BEST! I would give more stars if I could! My sweet 15 year old pitbull starting having some scaling on her nose about 3 years ago. The vet checked her out, totally normal. I was in search of something to help though, not only because it looked bad and uncomfortable, but it felt so tough. In my search on the internet, I came across this balm in a chapstick looking tube. Gave it a try and WOW. Applying twice a day and then once a day after it was fully healed. She didn't mind the application at all. I ordered another after I ran out about a little over a month later. I saw progress in 2 days! This stuff gave my sweet girl her soft nose back, and even made her look young again! Stop your search now, this is a product you won't regret!


my dogs paws are better between her toes

had some trobule spreading but helped between her toes


This stuff is great, I recommend!

Works well

Our dogs tolerate this wax well. Let us apply it and don't try to lick it off.

Dogs rough paws were smoother after first use also great on chicken wattles and combs

Protection and excellent moisturizer

Helped cracked and bleeding paws from winter ice/snow

I needed something to put on my 10 month old labrador's paws. I work at a vet clinic and have heard from several trainers Paw Butter Secret has helped with cracked paw pads. I applied this twice daily for 3 days and saw improvement. Of course I restricted my puppy's snow activity too. Its easy to apply, thinner than I thought it would be. They say use a small amount. Light fresh scent, dog does not lick off paws either! Just got new carpeting, so a non-staining product was high on my list. My puppy actually enjoyed the application lol! Healing is taking a while. I feel like this is not really the treatment, but more for prevention of cracked paws. But it IS making a difference in the healing process. A great product to have on hand


good coating

My dog went out in the snow with us and did not lick her feet that night. I think it really protected them.


Feels light. Works well

We like this because it absorbs well, works well, has a pleasant scent and has good ingredients!

It does just what it claims

Easy to apply

Snout Healing Salve
Elisa Simmons

Our bulldog has had a terrible nose for YEARS. This product cleared it up in less than a week. Once he got used to the process, it is easy to apply. Check out his before and after pictures. Absolutely amazing!


Kona loves it, gives me her paws voluntarily!

Excellent texture and works great to smooth and soften paws!

Paw Butter: For Dry Paws
Deana Halverson

It is great

great protection in snow without shoes

This was recommended to both help soothe paws as well as protect paws in cold. We have had lots of trouble finding a boot that will stay on our dog. He is absolutely wild in the snow and between 1-30 minutes, one or more of his boots came off (we are on brand #3 now). The other day we didn't have boots so I tried this. Wow. for not so deep, medium moisture snow (it was not dry, but not really wet) he did not get any ice balls between his pads. In the deeper snow, it took longer to develop, but much easier to remove. and he did not get as many. So while this does not replace a boot, it is certainly something we will always have for him on shorter hikes. Longer hikes we are still looking for something that stays on him, he is a 30lb Pumi. The balm we can reapply, but after time the ice balls creep up. But I do recommend this for feet!


It really protects the dogs paws!

This product protects our dog paws. In Wisconsin, we have some pretty harsh winter weather. Putting the Paw Butter on their paws lets them go out and get their business done without having them lift their paws up right away. When I walked them, they were able to have a decent walk without their paws getting too cold.


Paw Butter: For Dry Paws
Amazon Customer
Great product

This amazing product works great on my dog paws they are so soft and they look great I highly recommended. Completely satisfied


Smells good but very thin

Rating this a 3 because while it's easy to spread, that's not what I was ordering this for. I wanted something thick and protective for her pads and the inside of her foot bed where the snow cuts her paws. This is more like a solidified coconut oil mixed with a little wax. I'm disappointed, as it does nothing to protect her feet so boots are still a must.
It smells great, spreads easy, but as for protection- I I doubt that.


This st7ff actually work!

Used it on our dog in the Boston winter. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but the dog walked through snow and ice and showed no signs of freezing feet. One thing I will point out is that you probably want to have your pet be on a towel or outside when you apply it, because it will leave marks on your floor before it dries.